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  • Aloha from Texas!


    I'm a transplanted islander who left 'Oahu in 1998 to join Continental Airlines here in Houston. There's a lot of local people here in Texas. There are a few kumu who have halaus in Dallas and Austin We even have an annual Aloha Festival the first weekend in October, after the summer heat dies down.

    Houston is America's 4th largest city (over 4 million and growing fast) with a diverse population base. It's mostly haole (caucasian) of course, but almost 12% Hispanic ("Messicans", as they say here) and 11% popolo (black). There's also a huge Chinese community, descendants of the laborers who were imported to transform Houston into a huge railroad hub. Houston is also home to the second largest Vietnamese population in Amerca (#1 is southern California) but only about 1,000 Japanese-Americans here.

    Several of my co-workers at Continenal commute from Honolulu or lived in Hawai'i at one time or another. Continenal had a huge Pacific presence many years ago, but downsized their Honolulu operations in the late 80s because of financial problems. There's certainly a lot of Hawaiian-kine stickahs in the employee lot, for sure!

    I was trying to post to the thread about specialized license plates, since I have one here in Texas: LEHUA (cuz I have a little red Chevy truck) but after reading that forum, I think I going apply for Y-KIKI. I tried for ALOHA and MAHALO but, auwe, some frickah get em already!! (Actually, my co-worker's aunty from Kalihi married a Texan ahd she's the one with ALOHA).

    OK, can you tell I'm Portagee? Posting online is just another way of talking with our hands!! I going say Aloha for now, and mahalo for letting me join!!

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    Re: Aloha from Texas!

    Howdy and welcome, Mergz. Nice story/intro. G'luck with your license plate.
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