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Aloha from Salt Lake City, Utah

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  • Aloha from Salt Lake City, Utah

    OK, let's see how much I can say before my kids wake up!

    I have been lurking around here for a little while and thought it was time to show myself. Our family is considering a move to Oahu sometime in mid 2010 and I stumbled across this great site looking into the pros and cons.

    Many people want to know this when they find out I live in Utah, so I will say first that I am not Mormon (LDS is actually a more PC term around here). We are here while my husband is training in the children's hospital to become a pediatric intensive care specialist. I grew up in Michigan, went to school and met DH in New England; then we moved out here 2 1/2 years ago. DH will be finished in July, but staying on an extra year as faculty to finish his masters in biomedical informatics (it's OK, I barely understand what it is either).

    Utah is beautiful and interesting, but it is not "home" to us. We need green! We have been to Hawaii three times as visitors, and each time the magic and the pull to come back is stronger. Since we know a big move is on the horizon anyway, we decided to reach for a dream - doing as much research as possible in the meantime to be sure we really want to do this. That is why I have been snooping around here.

    We have two beautiful keiki, a boy who is three and a girl who is almost 2. Add to that a Labrador and three cats, and as you can imagine it is a bit of a circus here. It is early morning right now and I am racing to say as much as I can before the show starts! Outside of keeping peace and order around here, I work part-time as a small animal veterinarian. When there is time, I like to hike (we even carry the kids on our backs in packs), cook, read, and garden. I love exploring new cultures and ways of life. I am also always looking for ways to live a little "greener" - it is a bit of a hobby for me, to the point that some people think I am a little nutty. (Best example? Last summer I spent weeks builidng a solar oven out of recycled and scavenged materials, then trying to get something to actually cook in it).

    So that is a little bit about me. I look forward to getting to know everyone here and maybe joining in the conversation a little bit. Mahalo for reading this if you made it this far!


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    Re: Aloha from Salt Lake City, Utah

    Hi Carolyn. I've never actually visited SLC, but I tend to fly into that airport a lot when I'm visiting the East Coast. The view from the airport is always beautiful.

    Good luck on your move here. There's a wealth of information in the archives here, but if you have any questions I'm sure someone on the board can help out.
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      Re: Aloha from Salt Lake City, Utah

      Welcome, Carolyn and family. I am fairly new here too. Live in California, and also planning the big move in a few years. I have been studying and researching the Hawaiian Islands for 30 plus years, and will NEVER really know enough. I still don't even have a favorite island... all are great. Still need to visit a few more islands...

      It seems like everything interests me! Can't help but learn new things here every day. You will have much fun here, getting ideas and getting help in planning your move. Be sure to look at the wonderful photos gallery. The photography is fabulous, and I especially enjoy the commentary by the photographers.

      I enjoyed my trips to SLC, but agree, it's not home to me anywhere without the green. Best of luck, and hope to see you on the board again.

      Barb aka


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        Re: Aloha from Salt Lake City, Utah

        Aloha and welcome,
        I hear you about the green, the Ko'olaus are in my blood. It's so brown where I live now (so cal).
        some unsolicited advice, do your research on importing your pets. There are VERY strict standards and quarantine requirements so just do your homework and plan ahead.
        I'm envious, I don't know if living Hawaii is in my future or not but I sure miss it. It is always home to me.