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Hello from the icy north

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  • Hello from the icy north

    Hi, I just joined this forum as a way of gathering information from the experts on a planned vacation to Maui in 2010. Last year I joined a similar forum for cruising to help plan a European cruise, and I found it incredibly helpful. From what I've seen, the members of this community will be the same . My family and I live outside Toronto, Canada, where global warming has manifested itself in the form of two successive long, cold, snowy winters and a short wet summer. So please excuse my enthusiasm for heading back to Hawaii in only 13 short months! I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's opinions on where to stay, what to see, where to eat; or at least as much as everyone will share .

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    Re: Hello from the icy north

    Aloha from California. Welcome!

    I too am planning to go to Hawaii, around the same time frame as yourself. I have found this to be a wonderful forum, with many very friendly folks. The best way I have found to get great information here was to use the search located on the top bar of the page. You can enter a few tags, and then do advanced searches too. Example: You love to go windsurfing, and you find Ho'okipa Beach on Maui.... You can do advanced searches again, or simply Google what you learn for more info or pictures.

    If you have specific things you want to see, or activities... the search will drop you onto the appropriate thread, where you can read or post new questions. Have a great time here, and enjoy planning your trip! Nice to meet you.



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      Re: Hello from the icy north

      Aloha Barb, thanks for the tips. I've tried searching as suggested, and that's been helpful, but I'll probably have to bug people for more detailed info down the road.
      Nice meeting you as well, thanks for the response. Good luck with your planning as well!