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  • Aloha Everyone :)

    My name is Marko Williamson and I am currently living in Hawaii Kai for the next two months with my girlfriend. I have been here already for a month but still have not even seen North Shore yet.

    We are trying to set up a business here so its taking all our time up, but we think this is a good thing. Lot's of people say that once you have done everything here you can get a little bored with the place. So we are taking our time for sure!

    I have just joined a Soccer team called Oahu United and play on Sundays in a league.

    I have been traveling from England since July last year and will return after these two months are over. I am sure I will be back though as I love it here!!

    Anyway I thought I'd say Aloha.

    Anyone got any good advice on things to do, give us a shout.

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    Re: Aloha Everyone

    Welina mai (Welcome),

    You're in the most cosmopolitan part of Hawa'i, Honolulu. So, you needn't get bored unless you want. My advice is get to know Hawai'i, its land and people, its culture and music, its language and history.



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      Re: Aloha Everyone

      Welcome to HT, Marko. I've lived on Oahu for 33 years and have never gotten bored...ever! Really. Let us know your interests and we'll see what we can come up with.


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        Re: Aloha Everyone

        you're setting up a business yet leaving in 2 months?
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          Re: Aloha Everyone

          Thanks for the welcome,

          Well my interests are been met at the moment quite well, we are going to the rock climbing gym quite a lot and taking Kung Fu classes with the legend Vernon Rieta.

          Well it's not my business I am just helping my girlfriend with some ideas and promotion. We are hoping to be setting up soon and then hiring a manager to look after it whilst we are gone for 3 months.

          Im glad that you have been here for 33 years and still are not bored. That is a good thing to hear to someone that would like to come back.
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            Re: Aloha Everyone

            A suggestion:
            Find those things you can do here that you cannot do elsewhere.

            This will connect you with the islands faster than imprinting your activities on our environment.
            Check it out, scan bulletin boards and online resources, connect with people who share your core values, and learn to express them 'Hawaiian Style.' This will give you a foundation upon which your 'self' can grow.

            Aloha, welcome, and best of luck.

            Ka`onohiula`okahoku miomio`ehiku.
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              Re: Aloha Everyone


              What part of the UK are you traveling from?

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                Re: Aloha Everyone

                I am from Portsmouth on the South coast, where it generally is sunny. But still cold

                We are going over to the Big island in a week for a wedding so will hire a car once over there and try and explore the island! Any suggestions on what to see there?
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                  Re: Aloha Everyone

                  Originally posted by HulaShakes View Post
                  We are going over to the Big island in a week for a wedding so will hire a car once over there and try and explore the island! Any suggestions on what to see there?
                  Prior to the tsunami I would've suggested lunch at and a tour of Kona Village Resort, my personal piece of Heaven. However, it's now closed indefinitely, possibly permanently, because of damage. I'm in mourning.

                  You need TimKona and Craig Watanabe to chime in here. They both live on the Big Island and in different areas so they can offer lots of suggestions.

                  On the Hilo side, I thoroughly enjoyed Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens. There are many beautiful photo ops.