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Hi everyone! :)

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  • Hi everyone! :)

    My name is Jessamy I'm 24 almost 25 (jk) and was born and raised in San Jose, CA and have always wanted to live on the islands. I love the outdoors, am very outgoing (definitely a people person!), and love animals. My mom found this website and thought it was something I should look into since I am planning a move to Kaua'i in Sept this year. I was hoping to post asking for any advice. I am going alone and know no one so I need ALL the advice I can get!

    Hope everyone is enjoying their day so far! And I look foward to hearing back

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    Re: Hi everyone!

    Welcome to HT, Jessamy. The general advice is to search this site to answer as many of your questions as you can. Search on "Kauai" or "Kauai" and "move" or whatever you're interested in and "Kauai". Someone has recently been asking questions about his upcoming move to Kauai so there are some messages on this subject. Then, ask us those questions for which you can't find answers. Not many of us here live on Kauai but there is one I can think of.


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      Re: Hi everyone!

      Of all the islands, Kauai is my favorite. I'd be there now if it was not due to things like jobs and elderly family members.
      I lived in Kapa`a for about a year or so, and loved it, but my favorite place is anywhere past Princeville - Hanalei, Ha`ena, etc.
      It's more of a relaxed, laid-back way of life than O`ahu, and it's important to have a means of support - jobs are not as plentiful as elsewhere, though many prices are higher. Still, it's worth the cost.
      Welcome to HT; we have lots of fun here.

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        Re: Hi everyone!

        That'd be me! The hubby and I are hoping to plot our escape from the frozen (yes, snow is still mentioned on a weekly basis in the weather forecast...seriously...) wilds of the middle of the country. We were actually out in NorCal before ending up as ice cubes, so you'll have to come over to catch some Giants games if they make it back to the series...even if you're not that into baseball, you gotta admit the panda hats are pretty awesome.



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          Re: Hi everyone!

          Kauai is overcrowded, the tax is 17% (compared to 4% on the other islands), and we need to boil our drinking water! Go to Maui instead!

          Just kidding. Born and raised here. Ask away.
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