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Introduction, some "backstory" first!

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    Re: Introduction, some "backstory" first!

    Originally posted by Merely Malihini View Post
    Not sure if I need to move "travel" to another topic but many people from out of state enjoy discovering the "Joie de Vie" (the joy of life!) in Cajun French areas of south Louisiana, centered in Lafayette or more specifically in Breaux Bridge.,_Louisiana

    I was there for a while. During stay at local B&B until I rented place; met a couple from PA who got so taken with place...they eventually moved there! Local dining place with good reputation has popular breakfast each Saturday...with dancing! Note this is 2+ hours away via interstate from New Orleans. As in Hawaii, history has made different areas/islands unique. Here its north vs. south and then to itself, New Orleans!

    Now, if someone were fans of UH Warriors football, they might want to coordinate a visit with the farewell WAC visit to my alma mater October 1. (I think everyone is ready for this one particular "long distance relationship" to come to conclusion! Someone told me Tech's travel expenses will drop by 50%!)

    I always thought that there'd be some extra interest generated for when these teams from such divergent backgrounds came together but no...mostly it was just the game done and get back on the plane!

    I listened/read some of the Honolulu media via Internet about their opinions of our area...boy do we come off quirky! i.e. Bobby Currin talks about the "critters" we have. I have personally seen centipedes there and been very impressed!

    (Do know that many UH fans/media do like to do the casinos over in Shreveport, though! BTW the team has usually stayed in Monroe where no casinos operate.)

    Well, Mike, how was that for a start?
    I like, I like! Thanks for these tips for starters...I'll PM you should I have any additional questions
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