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From New York with Aloha !

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  • From New York with Aloha !

    While searching for "how to build a lava rock wall", I found this site and fell deep into digression, wandering around a bit. This seems like a cool community and place to learn about the Hawaiian ohana and aloha spirit. Interesting discussion on Pidgin and other subjects caught my attention. I have met a few Hawaiians here on the mainland and have spoken to them about many things.

    I read the FAQs and want to set a good example as I am familiar with some other forums and it is never good practice to jump in splash the party.

    "New memberships are being manually moderated ... after ... validating your account, you'll have to introduce yourself."

    hi ! my name is Colin and I like windy walks on the beach, cold beer, good coffee, and especially times when my daughter pulls my finger and tells me "that was a good one daddy!" (all true minus the walky part).

    "After we've gotten to know you better, we'll allow you to reply to and start new threads."

    Ha ! After returning from a visit to the Big Island, we got a puppy and tossed around a number of names, 'Kona' was what stuck. Just so we dont forget what species of critter he is, we often call him "Kona Dog". Seemed like a good name to use here too, only I am not a dog. I guess once I am allowed to reply to threads, it would be like "giving the dog a bone".....good boy !

    "In order to expedite this approval process, please be sure to tell us how you found HawaiiThreads and what you hope to contribute or learn from being a part of our 'ohana."

    As I mentioned above, I was literally searching "how to build Lava Rock wall". Sounds kinda lame right? Not all stories are glamorous. Mine is no different. I hope to learn about Hawaii as seen from those that live it, not what the tour guide books wish to sell us. My wife and I search out the back alley dives where ever we go and try to dine were the town folk go. We try not to stand out so we can just enjoy the culture. We laugh at the typical loud tourist thinking they are back home and 'this is how its done' where they come from. In learning I will share what I know and what I believe, making clear the difference between the two. Facts and fart jokes live in different worlds.

    "While we don't require your real name, the more you can share the better. Where are you from? What do you do? As locals would ask, "Wea you wen grad?" "

    Bond. James bond.
    LOL. that would be funny.
    Colin from NY (not the city but that which makes up 99% of the rest of "NY" with farms, mountains, big parks, breweries, ski slopes, rivers, lakes, cliffs, race tracks, etc.). What I do is a long list. The realms are Alternative fuels, sustainability, driver development, govt training, IT admin, Building/remodeling contractor, motorsport enthusiast/racer, and most importantly husband and father.

    Although I love NY, all of it's diversity and how incredible NYC is, I also dont identify with the stereotypical Ny'er. The more I visit Hawaii, the more I like it's spirit.

    I am hoping to learn more about Hawaii and maybe connect with some locals next time we visit as we are looking to make a move to the Big Island. Any and all advice is welcome.


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    Re: From New York with Aloha !

    welcome...throw out what questions, comments you have and we'll gladly reply!!!


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      Re: From New York with Aloha !

      Thanks HawaiiGuy. I will. I am interested in Kona Coffee (among many other things) and curious if anyone here is involved with the industry in some way? Also, we'll be visiting soon and looking for affordable accommodations. There are many vacation rentals but everytime I search, I find another I didnt know about previously. The more affordable we can make it, the longer we can stay. (3 weeks instead of 2 kind of thing). We plan to visit the Captain Cook area.

      Anyone into alternative fuels?


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        Re: From New York with Aloha !

        Welcome, Kona Dog. We're a fun, albeit occasionally dysfunctional and testy, group of folks with varying degrees of knowledge about varying degrees of subjects! Jump on in. The water's always warm in Hawaii!


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          Re: From New York with Aloha !


          Thanks for the welcome. I believe that any time a group of people get together there is always a certain perceived level of dysfunction. No worries.

          So everytime I open the introductions forum I see the 'howzit...' thread and get a chuckle. I dig that greeting. One of the kama aina I met here shared that one with me. Cool :-)

          So much more Hawaiian and pidgin to learn. Then there is learning all the indigenous plants and critters. Are there any resident plant experts? Bug experts?

          Have a great day everyone.