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  • Happy to be here

    I've always been interested in visiting Hawaii and learning more about it, besides all the tourist aspects.

    Right now I live in Tampa Bay, Florida and I'm a writer for a local based magazine called The Expressionist.


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    Re: Happy to be here

    Aloha e komo mai, Jon.

    You have certainly found the right place. I came here a few moos ago for exactly the same reasons, before I moved out to the 808. My only regret about Hawaii, is leaving.

    Hope you enjoy your stay here on HT!

    An email from God:
    To: People of Earth
    From: God
    Date: 9/04/2007
    Subject: stop

    knock it off, all of you

    seriously, what the hell



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      Re: Happy to be here

      Tatt? Are you in Hawaii or not? Your reply made it sound like you are but the little side thing saying "missing 808 in the 202" makes it sound like you aren't there.

      OP, it has some real interesting history including and not limited to how it was originally (unless I found some misinformation) owned by white folks.
      Surfing was started there as well. I found a quite interesting movie recently on Netflix called The Ride about a surfer transported back to Oahu 1911 style. I ended up watching it twice, it was so good (in a cheesy way).
      For one, I never knew there was a railroad for getting around if that part was factual.
      If anyone on Oahu is NOT happy , feel free to trade places with me.