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Aloha from Arkansas

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  • Aloha from Arkansas

    My name is Stephanie and if everything works out me and my kids we be relocating to Hawaii somewhere at the beginning of next year. I just want to make sure all my ducks are in a row. (Especially with two kids) Nice to meet all of you!

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    Re: Aloha from Arkansas

    Aloha Steph,

    Hawaii is a great place to live what island are you planning to move to?
    If you are living rural in Ark, then you might not care for Oahu.
    Very fast pace, traffic jams, a lot of people and I believe there is close to 1 million residents and 250k visitors on any given day on Oahu.
    Do your research and line your ducks way before you get here that is unless you have family here that you can move right in with. A great place for everything - rentals - cars - furniture is going to be in Craigslist. Browse through it and see what things are going for. Hope you make it here safe and let me be the first to welcome you!
    Aloha Nui



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      Re: Aloha from Arkansas

      Hello and lucky you