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  • Hello from Tam

    Hi all. I'm brand new. Hoping to find some friends in my area that I can hang out with. I like crafting, reading and writing and would love to meet people who enjoy the same activities. If there's a writing or book group on here somewhere please let me know =D

    I would really like to start doing couch-to-5k again (got halfway through and kind of fell off the wagon) so if anyone close by would like to try also that'd be really cool. I also want to get back into tennis. I'm a super beginner, but my husband is maybe an intermediate level player, right around the 3.0 range, and both of us are interested in finding tennis buddies.

    My husband and I are also really into tabletop games such as Munchkin, Smallworld, & Catan and want to find more people who play or are interested in playing. Also MTG, if anyone's interested in having relaxed Magic nights.

    ...That's a lot of information, ahaha. Anyway. =) Nice to meet you all.