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  • Redneck Aloha

    Howzit Everybody,

    I stumbled across Hawaii threads while looking for some good ol' hawaiian music to download. I was born and raised on Oahu, My Mom is a beautiful hawaiian lady from Hilo. My dad is a haole guy from Kentucky. I came out very HAOLE looking (My user name Haolegirl) but I love my hawaiian heritage and culture. As a young girl my friends and their parents nicknamed me Haole girl, so I thought it was a suiting name for me. I moved away from Oahu when I was 18 and relocated to THE MOST REDNECK state I could find...........MONTANA!! I love it here. I have lived in Montana for almost 15 years now. I do visit home as often as I can afford it. I love my home in the Islands, but it breaks my heart to how packed with people Oahu has become. I feel like I can't breath. And the cane fields are being turned into Housing subdivisions in order to accomodate the ever growing population. I used to love all the Cane fields with the big A$$ cane spiders. Got some good memories of those spiders
    Anyway, I grew up mostly on the Waianae side of the Island and moved to Redhill when my mom remarried a military guy. I went to highschool at Radford high. Well, my motor mouth has officially kicked in. Great to be here looking forward to meeting some new friends possibly relatives (HA HA HA).

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    Re: Redneck Aloha

    Aloha and Wlcome to Hawaii Threads!

    Auntie Lynn
    Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
    Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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      Re: Redneck Aloha

      Now THAT'S a real change of venue! From an island to a wide-open space - quite an adjustment that must be, still. But Montana has some absolutely gorgeous country to it; I'm especially fond of the western third of the state, from the well-known (Glacier National Park) to the tiny (Porter's Corner.)

      Welcome to HT!


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        Re: Redneck Aloha

        Aloha and welcome HaoleGirl.

        West side in da hah-'YOUSE.

        I hear you on the whole crowded Oahu thing. That's the only bummer. It's such a cool place to live, EVERYONE wants to move here.

        Looking forward to more "hanabadda dayz" stories you have to share with us!

        See ya around.
        sigpic The Tasty Island


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          Re: Redneck Aloha

          E komo mai, Haolegirl.

          I never realized how large Montana was until I had to drive all the way across it to get from New Jersey to Seattle. Took us almost 3 full days! We stopped in Butte, Billings and Missoula, encountered some wicked snowstorms (this was around New Year) and very beautiful scenery.

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