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  • Hello... and Goodbye?

    Hey all...

    Paul Ogata here! Currently, I'm on in the mornings on 102.7 Da Bomb. But I figured I'd sign up with Hawaii Threads as I'll be moving to California in January and I'll want to have a little slice of home whenever I need it on the internet.

    Why am I moving? I'll be focusing on doing stand-up comedy. Over the past year, the time I spent in Los Angeles (or other places... Hong Kong even) doing comedy has been overtaking the time I spent in Hawaii. So off I go.

    In the meantime, here's a little Christmas gift from me to you: "Da Nite Befo' Creesmess". I've done a version of this for the last 5 years, since we started Da Bomb, and this is the latest update.

    You can listen there, as well as download it.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Re: Hello... and Goodbye?

    I'm sick with da flu,...but your video brought smiles to my face!


    Goodluck and Godspeed!

    See you at HT!

    Auntie Lynn
    Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
    Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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      Re: Hello... and Goodbye?

      Originally posted by Paul Ogata
      Loved it! Thanks! Welcome to HT, and best of luck to you in California.

      That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


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        Re: Hello... and Goodbye?

        bin dea-dunn dat.


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          Re: Hello... and Goodbye?

          Hey Paul, will ya be back to host the Pele Awards? Hope so! Best of luck to you. I expect to see your name up in lights in the not too distant future!

          Break a leg!


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            Re: Hello... and Goodbye?

            Thanks everyone!

            Sue, I don't know that Barbara will fly me out for the Pele Awards. Of course, I'd always love a free trip home... (Hooray for free trips!)



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              Re: Hello... and Goodbye?

              Originally posted by Paul Ogata
              Thanks everyone!

              Sue, I don't know that Barbara will fly me out for the Pele Awards. Of course, I'd always love a free trip home... (Hooray for free trips!)

              Your 'roasts' are well worth the airfare!


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                Re: Hello... and Goodbye?

                Howzit Paul,

                All the best on your career move to California.

                Your "Nite Befo' Creesmess" was funny! Especially the verse,
                "But presents are Nice-To-Have, Not Need-To-Have things."

                Eh, NEED Sunset on da' Beach! Whea' else we going watch movies for "free"?

                As a token of Aloha, I've written a little going-away gift for, and inspired by you! Just a little reminder of the ono ono local grindz as you travel the world. Of course I've left out many other favorite local foods and restaurants, but das' all could fit. Being a pro, you could probably twist this into something supah', supah' funny.

                Anyhow, here it goes...

                Da' Grindz Before Christmas 2005

                Was da grindz before Christmas,
                so we gotta' have rice.
                'Cause next day going get turkey,
                way more than one slice.

                We look in da' fridge,
                and no more nothing for eat.
                So we go Big City Diner
                for some ono grilled meat.

                We grind and we grind
                until our opu stay foo'.
                'Den we go Waiola shave Ice
                and then walk to da' Zoo.

                We stay hungry again,
                so we drive up Kaimuki.
                Now no more da' Drive Inn
                with da' letters "KC".

                So we drive farther up,
                just past W&M Burger,
                is St. Louis Okazuya,
                a half block up on the corner.

                "What will you have?"
                The nice lady asks me.
                "One order chow fun,
                and Musubi."

                As we sat down to eat
                my cellphone had rang.
                On the phone it was Santa
                and his friend Mr. Pang.

                I asked him, "What's up?"
                He said, "Get da' 2-for-1 deal
                on some ono Dim Sum,
                Cracked Seed & Lemon Peel."

                So I hung up da' phone
                and finished my plate.
                It's hard to believe
                how much food we just ate!

                So we drove Chinatown
                and picked up our stash
                of 1 box Manapua,
                Half Moon & Pork Hash.

                My phone rings again.
                Now who could this be?
                It's Santa stay grinding
                at one place called Kim Chee.

                He said they have the best
                Kalbi & Meat Jun.
                Kim Chee on da side...
                Yup, das' da one!

                Then we drive to Waipahu
                to complete the day,
                for Poke at Tanioka's.
                Santa said he going pay!

                Now we're all stuffed.
                Christmas day is ahead.
                Da' Kanaka kicks in
                and we're off to bed.

                As Santa was leaving,
                He told me, "Eh Brah,
                your tire stay flat.
                Now go fix your cah!"

                ~ Written by Pomai on 12.06.05
                sigpic The Tasty Island


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                  Re: Hello... and Goodbye?

                  Enjoyed your comedy since I've been in of luck, and thanks for including the parting tidbit.

                  Pomai, your inspired version of a classic was fun too.


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                    Re: Hello... and Goodbye?

                    Paul, great poem (Pomai,your poem was great too). Both had me laughing very hard. Thands for sharing.

                    Good Luck to you Paul and may you find success in the California, but don't forget where home is. Take Care
                    Whoa, Mista Buss Driva, eh, you can stop the buss o wat?


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                      Re: Hello... and Goodbye?

                      Hello, goodbye and good luck, Mike


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                        Re: Hello... and Goodbye?

                        Kimo55 and I saw Paul's show last night at the Pipeline. I laughed so hard I almost threw up. For real. All my mascara ran down my face; I didn't care.

                        Paul, best wishes to you. You'll do well wherever your career takes you. Last night I was the blonde woman with Kimo, the big haole guy. We were sitting on barstools off to the side of the stage for the early show. I think you know Kimo from I mentioned to you afterward that your coat liner was glowing in the lights. Gorgeous coat, by the way. Good choice.

                        Dunno if you remember us, but I thought I'd give you a point of reference anyway.

                        Thank you, thank you so much for such a great show!


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                          Re: Hello... and Goodbye?


                          That was you??!! I met Kimo that night in person for the first time, I wish I knew I was meeting you, too! Yeah, yeah... I know I was giving the guy the business for his glowing shoes... what a hypocrite I am.

                          Thanks for coming out to the One-Night Farewell Tour, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I had a lot of fun, too. And I'm so happy you liked the coat. (It was from Shanghai Tang at Ala Moana. Cool clothes there.)

                          Next time introduce... my eyes are getting bad in my old age and it's hard to see people's faces in their avatars.

                          Mahalo for the support...

                          Make some noise!