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    Aloha all,
    I was born in 1968, and lived on Oahu from about 1971 to 1981 till my mom moved us to the mainland. I travelled extensively since then, and am currently in Los Angeles. Married and three kids later, I find myself wanting to get out of this big city.

    We visited Kona with my current company, and I added an extra week for my personal time to spend on Oahu. I can't get it out of my head now. I want to move back. I want my kids to grow up in a community like I had, riding their bike to the beach before school and eating malasadas, saimin and poke all day.

    My wife, an actual "valley girl" has given in and said if I can make it happen, she'll head to the islands.

    Yes, she is a redhead, and I have it recessive, too. Even though, for a haole, I tan up pretty good, my wife and three kids turn a nice shade of pink in the sun.

    Far from the teasing I took as a kid for being a haole, the times I have been back as an adult I was welcomed by everyone. And, after being in a city like Los Angeles, everyone is way more friendly in the islands. The weather, the activities, the community, the food, all of it. I want to give my family that experience just like I was offered as a kid.

    I went to Wilson Elementary, and to Star of the Sea (it's coed before high school) up to 7th grade. I lived in Kahala Towers and Waialae Gardens, so that is my center of reference. My mom worked in a hotel selling time sharing in Waikiki (yes, it was the 70's) so anywhere near Diamond Head is where I'm looking.

    My POV is definitely colored by the era. I picture Hawaii as Checkers and Pogo, Farrells (Mr. Checkers ate a whole zoo at my birthday once), ukulele lessons, "Disco sucks/Rock Rules" graffiti, skateboard with metal wheels, Leonard's malasadas, boogie boarding at Sandy's and Makapuu, riding bikes in the canals (yes, even with the legend of the kids getting washed out to sea in a flash flood), Willie Willie Mongoose, Lani Moo at Meadow Gold, NBC was the HIC, parking at the Kahala Beach park, and walking over to in front of the Kahala Hilton to swim out to the anchored raft, I could go on for a while...

    I am self employed as an investment advisor. Basically, I help people put together a plan to take advantage of their 401(k) and IRA and everything else to make sure that one day work is an option. There is nobody I can't help if they are willing to spend less than they earn, save and invest the difference and do it consistently for a long time. I have a very nice practice in Los Angeles, but would need to transition my clientelle to the islands if I were to make a permanent move. I work very closely with my clients to make sure they meet their goals, so when I move, I plan to spend most of my time with my new clients in Hawaii.

    I have tentative plans to try to do this in Apr, 2008, two years from now. So, until then, I am looking to build relationships with people that can help me find a place to live, and integrate into the economy. So far, I have been getting some great referrals to local business owners, and I am in touch with a few people I met on this recent trip. If I'm going to do it, I can't do it halfway, so that is why I'm giving myself the two year goal.

    If you travel to Los Angeles, or know other people who do, let's introduce ourselves. I am quite the tourguide here.

    Well, I'm glad to meet you all, and like what I see so far. I look forward to vicariously experiencing the islands till I can get there again.

    -Dru Morgan

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    Re: Dru Morgan

    Welcome to HT, Dru.

    In this age of technology, why must you give up your mainland clientele once you move to Hawaii?

    Because I'm closer to retirement age than I care to admit, I have a financial advisor to make sure that I have more options than just working in a couple of years. He lives in Texas. (And, no, I'm not looking to change!!!). Phone, fax and email work just fine!

    Maybe you can have your cake and eat it too?!

    You lived up the street from me and my family during your last 3 years in Hawaii. You probably bumped into my kids at Kahala Mall!!! They're your age. Kahala and Diamond Head are outrageously expensive now...nowhere close to when you lived here. Selling prices then would be considered down payments now.

    Hawaii has changed since you lived here, and not all for the worst either! The downside? Traffic is outrageous as is the current cost of living. Crime is up. 'Ice' is a big problem. Others will contribute to this list, I'm sure. However, to me Hawaii is still paradise; the good outweighs the bad.

    Follow your dream!


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      Re: Dru Morgan

      Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I spent the day at a Starbucks drinking some coffee, and talking on my cellphone and doing some work with the wireless laptop. I can see that people who I have an established relationship with will be more than able to get great service from me. Meeting new people, I really like to take a face to face meeting, because to me, the emotion and the dream is a lot more important than the technical aspect. People look for me to take their hand and make sure their family is taken care of, not to sell them some investment.

      I love working with people and I usually get referred to a lot of people from my existing clientelle, so I can just see a big transition if I make a move. Realistically, I looked into an annual ticket so I could fly from HI to CA and back relatively inexpensively. I could manage in both places if I so chose.

      But, in CA I wear a black suit and a power tie when dealing with my clients. In HI, I imagine if I showed up in that outfit, I would stick out like a tourist. Just like wearing bermuda shorts and a camera around my neck.

      I've been checking and the prices in Kahala or adjacent are great compared to the outrageous prices right here in Los Angeles. I'll keep my eyes open.

      Also, when I went to Kahala Mall this last time, it seemed like a ghost town. Not sure if it was the 45 straight days of rain that I caught the tail end of. My wife wasn't that impressed, but for me, it brought back a lot of childhood memories. It was really wierd, like going in a time machine, very cool.


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        Re: Dru Morgan

        Originally posted by drumorgan
        [...]Also, when I went to Kahala Mall this last time, it seemed like a ghost town. Not sure if it was the 45 straight days of rain that I caught the tail end of.[...]
        Apparently it's still a ghost town. Not sure when you were there...before or after the disastrous flood? I really hope it can rebound.