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  • Aloha Everyone!

    Like so many others I ran across this site while searching for more information about Hawaii.

    It was my wife's lifelong dream to visit Hawaii and so for our 10th anniversary last year we visited some friends on Hawai'i.

    The islands are all that I've been able to think about since then. I believed I'd been to some beautiful places (and they still are) but somehow Hawai'i took the sheen off of almost everything I'd known and loved before. It wasn't just the ocean, I'd seen oceans before and just hadn't been touched.

    It was little things: a converstion with a man making a fishing net at the Botanical Gardens. When he told me I could fish like that too I was excited like a kid. Taro fields. The market at Hilo. The color of the tomatos! Mochi rice in a banana leaf-better than a candy bar.

    Hawai'i is the only place I've ever been where I knew that, once there, I'd never need to go anywhere else ever again. I've been on the move since practically my first breath so that was almost overwhelming.

    I'd bought some "Hawaiian" music before we left but afterwards I realized that I didn't know my ear from my elbow in that regard. Now though, here in the house, mostly we listen to nahe nahe style but other kinds too.

    Even my old daydreams and goals are gone now. I don't miss them all that much, I just try to think about Hawaii on its own terms.

    Glad to be here. Not sure how much I'll be posting but I'd like to hang out anyways.


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    Re: Aloha Everyone!

    Welcome, Clay. Hawai`i (the place and the people) does have that effect on some; as a former Midwesterner living in Seattle, I count myself very fortunate to now have family in the Islands, as well as a strong Hawaiian community here, who have provided valuable instruction, insight and aloha to this overly-curious haole.

    It sounds like you were touched by some non-tourist aspects of Hawai`i; good for you. Too few visitors go beyond the "packaged paradise."

    What Hawaiian music do you like to listen to? Based on your interests, folks here can offer you additional suggestions.


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      Re: Aloha Everyone!


      Thanks for the reply. Right after I posted my wife and I left for the library.

      I like so much Hawaiian music. has been invaluable in learning what we like. Ten years ago or so we saw the Makaha Sons in Denver. There were other performers but they were the headline act. So I started with their album of hapa haole songs.

      I have a real weakness for the steel guitar along with a vibraphone and string trio ( 'uke, guitar and bass ) but Kahauanu Lake gets me going too. My wife really appreciates and has taught me to love harmony singing. I've never been much for listening to singing in a foreign language but Hawiian is so very, very, different. Its what we prefer. Neither of us are big on falsetto but Dennis Pavao knocks us out. Ray Kane, Gabby and Led Kaapana have gotten the nod so far in slack key. Ohta-san and Iz for 'uke.

      We brought home 'Ale'a-Kaulupono and was impressed to hear a banjo. It fit right in.

      Our collection is small and we're pinching pennies so it's growing slowly. The "to buy" list is long though. Thanks for the offer of help. I saw your photo and read some of the reviews you wrote for the North West Times. Good gig.

      The only Hawaii around here is virtual so I believe you to be fortunate.