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  • Hi from Makaha

    I came here from the Phillipines in 2001 as a sophmore at Waianae High School. I graduated there and went to basic training in Georgia. Than in Jan of 05 i got my orders to catch up with my already deployed unit, 299th in Kuwait. I was in Iraq until Feb 06 than the Army let me go back to--real life. So i went to LCC for 6 months but had to quit to take care of my father.

    When my girlfriend got back from Thailand she got on my case about being a college bum, so i began working at Securitas to save money and move in right next to a college where i can work and be a college student. No sex until i get my own place. I am a very motivated young man who wants to move out soon. Muhahahahawah.

    Other than that, today is the last day i'll be working at the Greenwood condos in Saltlake. Securitas doesn't pay enough for an infantryman to stick around. I am either running away to Loomis or Looms Fargo. Fortunately i met a pharmacist the other day who told me i could become a technician without having a background in...whatever a pharmacist does...than i get paid more as a "educated" techy.

    Unfortunately, the higher ups have switched my National Guard unit from infantry to cavalry. They took away our big guns and left us with a few trucks. Than they told me i have to drop what i am doing and go to MOS Q in July.

    They better be paying me.