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Has anyone besides me played this hand game?

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  • Has anyone besides me played this hand game?

    Here's a really fun hand game that I first learned at a theater camp. I wonder if anyone else has played it before? Essentially, it is played like this:

    All players sit in a circle and are each given a number, from 1 to however many people are playing.

    Repeating rhythm: slap legs, clap, snap fingers (brief pause) over and over

    At the beginning of each round, the starting player sets the tempo. Usually it's not too fast until it gets to the last two players.

    When the rhythm gets going a little and the starting player is ready, he/she calls out his/her own number during the snap on the third beat of the rhythm. On the next snap, he/she chooses the number of another player. That means it is that person's turn, and he/she does the same thing.

    For example: If I got assigned the number 4 and I started the round, I might chant: (slap clap) "4," (slap clap) "8!"

    Then the person who was 8 might say: (slap clap) "8," (slap clap (3!"


    Getting Out of the Round

    There are several ways in which a player could get out of a particular round:
    1. You cannot hesitate when it comes time for you to choose a number. You must say it exactly on the right snap.
    2. You cannot repeat your own number on the snap where you must choose another one, unless it is down to the final two players.
    3. This is where it gets harder: You must choose the number of a person who is still in the game. Everyone keeps their same number throughout it, so you must remember which players' numbers are still able to be called!

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    Re: Has anyone besides me played this hand game?

    Sounds like just an easy variation on the classic 'Thumper' drinking game.
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