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  • NetHack

    NetHack is a computer game that allows you to pick a character and go down into a dungeon to retrieve a certain amulet. Along the way you run into monsters that you can either kill them or you get killed by them, as well as items that could help you or impede you in your journey. Helping you is your faithful dog or cat that can help determine if a found item is cursed or not as well as helping you fight the monsters you encounter.

    Sometimes you run into shops that sell you stuff. A thing to note is not to piss off the shopkeepers, they tend to take a lot of damage as well as dish out the damage to you.

    It has been awhile since I have played Nethack but when I got a new computer (in mid March 2019) to replace my failed desktop system I decided to load this game into the new system.

    Website for the game is at:

    Write up about the game on wikipedia is at:

    It is available for Windows and Macintosh but I can only speak for the Windows version.

    Also a new version (3.6.2) came out on May 7, 2019. Currently I am at 3.6.1.

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    Re: NetHack

    I haven't upgraded my Nethack yet.

    Still playing the game from time to time. One session had me inside a shop and I read an unknown scroll for the heck of it. Turns out it was a scroll of fire and I was nearby the shopkeeper who wasn't too happy about being burnt by the scroll and decided to hit me until I was dead.


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      Re: NetHack

      Wow, how cool to know that games other than FPS (First Person Shooter) are still popular! This sounds like a great game for those of us who don't find any entertainment in killing things.