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    I'm looking to join or form a rock band (ideally) or find a piano player or guitar player to form a duo or trio with. I don't play any instruments well, but I sing very very well and have many years of voice lessons and experience singing live. I live downtown and I see many bars and restaurants down here, where one or two people are playing/singing, and I know I can sing better than most of them. If you are a reliable person and can play, and have some free time, and would like to make some extra money doing this with me, please email me!

    Here are some recent songs I recorded at home for fun

    I do a lot of different types of music, but I'd really like to sing rock oldies (with a little country and blues thrown in) from the 60's through now, like Linda Ronstadt, Blondie, Heart, Pat Benatar, Shania Twain etc. However, I'm very flexible on that. If I can't get a whole band, but just one person to accompany me, we can sing softer music. I know over 500 songs.

    Suzanne Lanoue

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    Re: Musicians wanted!

    Have you ever asked some of the musicians to give you a shot to sing in their band?? instead of waiting for them to come to you, why not go to them, & ask? you'll either get one of 2 answers, either yes or no, you know?. its worth the risk. IF I sang that good (which I don't),I would go out of my way to find musicians & ask, unfortunately for me, I am only a great singer in the shower , no where else. . Good luck in your endeavors .
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      Re: Musicians wanted!

      Originally posted by Suzanne View Post
      like Linda Ronstadt, Blondie,
      Two of matapule's favorites - Blue Bayou and The Tide is High. You can sing better than Blondie, so go for it.

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