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Paul Ogata Returns... December 14

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  • Paul Ogata Returns... December 14

    Hey everybody

    I'll be back in Hawaii performing at Pipeline Café on Friday, December 14th. Show starts at 7:30 PM, doors at 6:30 PM. Tickets available this weekend at

    It will be my first performance back home since winning the 32nd Annual San Francisco International Comedy Competition earlier this year. (Dana Carvey and Sinbad are previous winners. Robin Williams and Ellen DeGeneres are former 2nd place finishers. How in the hell did I win?)

    I hope to see you there. I know this is late in the game, so if you already have holiday plans for that night, just go ahead and cancel them.

    Tickets for my show go on sale the same day as tickets for the Police reunion. However:
    A) Their show isn't until next year. My show is this holiday season, which means they might break up before their show. I won't do that to you.
    B) Their tickets may cost as much as $200. My tickets are all $20. Which is a tenth as much, but I'm at least twice as funny as they are.
    C) There is no "C" except please come and "C" my show.

    Thank you. (I hope this is in the correct forum.)

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    Re: Paul Ogata Returns... December 14

    Oops, I never posted a link to the TicketMaster page.

    Here it is.