I'm a huge fan of the iPhone, but I knew too many Android fans to not be curious. So, a while back, I sprung for the unlocked, unsubsidized Google Nexus One. Specifically, I got the version with AT&T frequencies. It was only briefly available before selling out... and then, of course, Google retired the entire line.

The number one benefit of this specific model is that you can take the SIM (or MicroSIM) out of your iPhone, slip it into the Nexus One, and have it work immediately as your phone, with the added capability to activate "mobile hotspot" or tethering capability.

The other benefit, of course, is an unspoiled Android experience, with no carrier-dictated overlay or ridiculous restrictions on software updates.

It's a solid, compact, beautiful phone. I really enjoyed getting to know the Android OS and UI and apps. I did, indeed, test the "mobile hotspot" feature and saw this as an alternative to springing for a whole new device (a la the MiFi or Clearspot).

But, after the initial novelty wore off, I barely touched my Nexus One. It's a great phone... I'm too invested in the Apple ecosystem. It spent the last two months in my backpack, and I honestly forgot it was even there.

Now, the Nexus One is no longer Google's brightest star (see: Nexus S). But it's still too nice a phone to meet a fate as dire as total neglect. I am certain someone out there would love this phone, especially since the other Nexus One users I know really love theirs, even in the face of newer and fancier models from other manufacturers.

And again, the AT&T-compatible model is pretty scarce, while you can find the T-Mobile variant anywhere.

I've got the phone, the box, the USB charging cable as well as a car charger, and of course the Android sleeve. I bought it for $525, and am hoping to get $400 for it (with this model still selling on eBay for about $475). Drop me an email at ryanozawa@gmail.com!