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  • 808Friends Shaka Da World!

    Aloha everyone!
    Just dropping in to invite everyone over to our new Hawaii social networking website 808Friends

    We`ve been only open for about 2 weeks but already have almost alot of people who have joined our network of friends and family.

    It`s similar to Myspace, Friendster, and, except we dont have content posting restrictions as long as it`s legal. Everyone gets their own profile page to do what ever they want.
    We have groups/clubs, flash based chatrooms, a message system, classifieds, and more.

    We originally started the site to serve Hawaii folks but seeing that people from all over the world have been joining, we`re very suprised and so EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

    There`s no cost or hidden fees for anything.

    Come join us and Shaka the world!

    Mahaloz for taking the time to read this and hope to see you there!

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    Re: 808Friends Shaka Da World!

    So I'm curious --- what happened to 808friends?


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      Re: 808Friends Shaka Da World!

      Wow. Blast from the past. Guess it didn't take off.

      See also:


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        Re: 808Friends Shaka Da World!

        I guess having "almost alot of people" wasn't enough!


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          Re: 808Friends Shaka Da World!

          john has a 'Parked' site up. It means whoever clicks on the links he gets paid by the parking company. Waste money la dat .... mo bettah go home cook rice brah.

          Give me da name and I'll show you how its done .... Hawaiian Style!


          Ooops! I neva see da date. Well it might not be his anymore looks like ... auwe.
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          What Name?
          Drink On Me!


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            Re: 808Friends Shaka Da World!