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1939 Vintage magazine Lots of glossy color photos

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  • 1939 Vintage magazine Lots of glossy color photos


    Currently selling my rare vintage copy of "PARADISE OF THE PACIFIC" Holiday Annual of December 1939!!!

    It's in very good condition except for the cover that has the part of the spine (where the title would be) completely missing and some minor tears however the magazine holds together without problem whatsoever.

    Currently listed here on eBay with just a day to go. Please have a look, lots of gorgeous glossy full page photos including nude wahine sketch, wahine guitar player, Georgia O'keefe "Petunias" print and more. Let me know if you need to see more scans.

    I'm parting with this regretfully as I know this rare and gorgeous collectible will go up in value as the years go by!

    Excerpt from the eBay ad:

    This magazine contains many beautiful photos and lithographs reproductions suitable for framing. It includes many classic Hawaiiana full page images such as old Hawaii, both in semi-glossy color, as well as black and white photos and many vintage ads.

    I have seen many of these magazines and this is a rare opportunity to own one of the most beautiful issues and a true piece of Hawaii history. I know you will absolutely love this one, so please don't miss out and bid early, you will be so happy you did! I know you don't want to have to regret it! This is the only copy I have of this particular issue and when it's gone, who knows when it will turn up again and in what shape!? Why risk it?

    This is an investment that is well worth the low starting price, and will bring you hours of tremendous enjoyment as you relax and look at all these lovely images and read exclusive articles that are not to be found anywhere else! Let yourself be transported to a gone by era where sultry nights and balmy days are wrapped in the endless charm and the stunning beauty that is the magic of Old Hawaii. Part antique, part treasure, all Hawaiiana, this splendid magazine is one you will cherish and you will be proud to pass down to your children and many more generations, due to its outstanding condition, and its high quality of content and graphics. As you can well imagine it will very likely go up in value as the years go by. When you purchase it now for your personal enjoyment, know that you're investing wisely in a true collectible and an exquisite piece of heirloom that your family will treasure for many more years to come!

    Beautiful color images depict many form of art and include photos, sketches, drawings and painting by noteworthy artists such as Georgia O'Keefe ("Petunias"), Shirley Russell, Eliot O'hara ("Waikiki by Moonlight") Alf Hurum ("Dance of the Hawaiian women in 1816") John M. Kelly ("Hawaiiana", a gorgeous Polynesian nude), Nicholas Waddeck ("The Prickly Pear"), Madge Tennent (a nude sketch, "Makai"), Seymour Thompson ("Guitar Player" and lovely color drawing of a Hawaiian Wahine in strapless floral dress & "The Net Thrower", a B&W sketch), and depict exquisite seascapes, gorgeous nudes, beautiful flowers, craters, volcanoes, palm trees, sunsets, landscapes, fruits, papayas, pineapples, King Kamehameha, President Roosevelt in 1934, life in old Hawaii, "modern" times, flora, fern, cacti, cactus, old airplanes, boats, sea vessels, etc.

    Some of the articles in this issue include:

    Aloha on Christmas and New Year
    The American Pacific Islands Empire
    The Hawaiians Arrive in Hawaii
    "Work Appreciation" Course at Kahuku
    We See Only the Peaks of Hawaii
    "Fruit of all Fruits the First"
    Hawaiian Keystone of Pacific Defense
    Hawaiia Hula Dancers of 1816
    Sugar Foundations of Hawaii
    Robert Louis Stevenson's Grass Shack
    All the islands
    Semi-precious Stones of Hawaii
    Kings & Queens of Old Hawaii
    Colors of Pele
    Primitive Hawaii National Park
    Lanai, Hawaii Pineapple Island
    Paradise of the Pacific Yachting
    University of the South Pacific
    Hula Happiest in Hawaiian Home
    Archives for Information of Hawaii
    Old Hawaii is Absolutely American
    Hookupu of Hawaii
    Hawaiian Holua
    Roosevelt Kukui Tree in Honolulu
    Renascence of the Hawaiian Language
    New and Old Oral Music of Hawaii
    Politics in the Pacific Paradise
    Golden Gate International Exposition
    Lighthouses on the Modern Grass Shacks
    Hawaiian Design in Interior Decoration
    Souvenirs and Curios of Paradise

    ....and much more!

    Thank you for your interest.
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    Re: 1939 Vintage magazine Lots of glossy color photos

    Here are some photos from the magazine. Taken using a flash camera, sorry for the glare. I would not scan the pages (except for the cover) as I don't want to break the spine. More photos to come later.
    Thank you for looking.
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      Re: 1939 Vintage magazine Lots of glossy color photos

      As you can see these beautiful photos are in excellent shape and are suitable for framing.
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        Re: 1939 Vintage magazine Lots of glossy color photos

        And here are some more photos. Auction will conclude tomorrow. I will try to be available if anyone has any questions please post here.

        Please note that this is the ONLY copy I have of this one, by far the most beautiful magazine of all the "PARADISE OF THE PACIFIC" at least that I've seen.

        Please click here to view auction now.

        Thank you for your interest.
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          Re: 1939 Vintage magazine Lots of glossy color photos

          Magazine has 112 pages. To the best of my knowledge there are no pages missing that I know of.

          Lots more beautiful photos, both color and B&W; many more full page ones, as well as other sizes.

          Magazine also has lots of vintage ads with and without photos.


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            Well I was here once before and I'm back. I have an eBay auction up selling vintage 1939 PARADISE OF THE PACIFIC, a rare magazine indeed. Please click here to view beautiful photos I uploaded at the selling thread.

            I apologize that I'm late in giving you the heads up, this magazine will be sold tomorrow and forever gone from my hands. I will sadly and regretfully miss it but what can I say, I needed the cash now! But my loss is going to make someone tremendously happy and I hope it's you.

            Aloha from your Keiki.


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              Re: 1939 Vintage magazine Lots of glossy color photos

              Please don't spam the board. One post in the Selling forum will suffice, thank you.


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                Re: 1939 Vintage magazine Lots of glossy color photos

                Originally posted by admin View Post
                Please don't spam the board. One post in the Selling forum will suffice, thank you.
                I apologize, I didn't think this was considered spam, as I seen in other forums, I thought it would be okay to post the photos pertaining to this one item in several posts but all in one same thread. I guess my concept of spam is different (I would have considered spam if you didn't allow for sale ads, of if I reposted the same ad at different threads.)
                Anyway I stand corrected and you have my apologies, I didn't mean to offend. Thank you for letting me know, it won't happen again.
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