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  • eBook: Hawaii Eco Travel & Budget Guide


    I live on the Big Island and have an ebook for sale that I wrote called the Hawaii Eco Budget Guide to Oahu. I just put it up for sale Sunday and dropped the price to $12.95.

    It's written for someone who needs help planning a budget trip to Oahu (I got the idea and did lots of research for it on an Oahu camping vacation), and it's mostly eco-friendly.

    I don't mean eco-friendly as in eco-adventure, although it does cover some, but in that it's going to appeal more to someone who cares about the aina and the host cultures of places they visit (or already loves Hawaii) and who enjoys nature than someone just looking for a cheap vacation package. And it's definitely not going to appeal to someone planning a Honolulu shopping spree and luxury hotel (although it is a "family friendly" guide and not just for campers.) Anyway, here's the page:

    Sorry about the spammy looking page, but I'm trying to learn how to market. I've spent the last 20 years working as a teacher and writer and have always sucked at sales.

    Oh, and I think it's ok to ask this..If you are a book reviewer and would like to review mine, let me know and I'll send you a copy.

    Hawaii Eco Travel Budget Guides
    "Taking you to the Heart of Hawaii"