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    Hawaii Threads was mentioned in today's edition of the Star Bulletin in Erika Engle's TheBUZZ business column...

    Driving customer traffic by any means necessary

    There are locally-focused online gathering places, such as and food and restaurant-focused blogs such as, and the Hawaii Restaurant Association-connected

    Many popular Web sites get that way because links get e-mailed around by one person to one or more friends, but very few of those sites -- if any -- get the back up of promotion through a television partnership.

    The exception in Hawaii is, which stands for Word of Mouth Forums, for which KGMB-TV has been running commercials.
    Hmmm, look who else is included in that short list!
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    Re: Hawaii Threads in the News (print)

    Heh heh, kudos to you, Pomai for making the list!

    I can't help but smile whenever I see HT mentioned in Ms. Engle's columns.
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      Re: Hawaii Threads in the News (print)

      Another Web Site to check out is

      Auntie Lynn
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        Re: Hawaii Threads in the News (print)

        Since the original story written by Erika Engle is more about Hawaii Womf, I decided to move this thread to Hawaii Internet Media.

        Has anyone from this board signed up to Hawaii Womf. It seems to be something like a blog site more than a message board. I signed up, but have not posted anything.

        You can use this thread to discuss the other sites mentioned above too.

        I might rename the thread to reflect that if discussion goes toward a more general Hawaii online communities discussion.
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