There's a new "online lifestyle magazine" focused on Hawaii's people, places, food, and culture. Mixed Plate Special officially launched yesterday, with at least a couple of familiar names on the masthead. I blogged about it last night.
"We're really excited about bringing a fresh media outlet to the islands, one that adds new dimensions to storytelling — audio, video, flash — that we hope will enrich the reader experience," writes editor Catharine Lo in announcing the new site. "We want our stories to pop, and we want readers to become more engaged than they can in print."

And Lo knows print. She and fellow Mixed Plate Special contributor Ryan Senaga are longtime contributors to Honolulu Weekly.
Senaga is (was?) always one of my favorite Weekly contributors, so I'll definitely be reading.

The site runs on Joomla, a content management system we've discussed here before. The portal setup lets 'em show off a whole... well, mixed plate of content easily. Of course, if you want to easily track the latest updates, there's a main RSS feed. Add it to Google Reader!