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  • The Companies We Keep: Hawaii Radio & TV

    Our office recently acquired a fascinating book titled the Companies We Keep Amazing stories about 450 of Hawaii's best known companies by Bob Sigall and his students at Hawaii Pacific University. Published 2004.

    Along with business categories such as restaurants, industrial firms and banks, there is a chapter in it titled 'Behind the scenes at Hawaii radio and TV stations".

    In there is a subchapter titled "The Hidden Meanings of Hawaii Radio and TV Station Call Letters" which I found particularly interesting.

    Here's a few...

    KCCN - Initials of founders Perry Carle, Dr. Ralph Cloward and Jerry Neville.
    KHVH - "Kaiser's Hawaii Village Hotel"
    KGMB - Named after 1930's radio station chief engineer George M. Bowls (Bowles). Was rumored in the past to stand for Greater Mormon Broadcasting.
    KITV - "Island Television" (obvious)
    KHNL - "Honolulu" same designation as Honolulu Airport > HNL (obvious)
    KSSK - SS for "Super Station"
    KNDI - "Candy" radio.. started as an all-girls rock station to compete against KPOI in the early 60's.
    KUMU - thought to have been named for "Kumu" or "teacher", but GM Jeff Coelho said the founder John Weiser named it after the kumu fish.
    KIKI - Short for "WaiKIKI"
    KIKU - "Chrysanthemum" in Japanese
    KINE - "Thing"
    KKUA - "Kokua" (help) radio, founded by Jeff Coelho in 1973 after leaving KPOI.
    KORL - "Coral", originally 650am
    KRTR - "Crater" (obvious)
    K-POI - Ron Jacobs suggested adding the dash for emphasis on the word POI or "Hawaiian Super Glue"

    There are many more listed, as well as the history of Hawaii's most popular radio and TV stations covered in this really cool book. Perhaps some folks who post here may have even contributed to the research of that chapter.

    How much of the book's content is concrete fact may be arguable. Never-the-less it's truly an interesting read that anyone who's lived in Hawaii more than a few years would find fascinating. To note, my company is listed in this book.

    the Companies We Keep
    Check it out on your next bookstore visit!
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    Re: The Companies We Keep: Hawaii Radio & TV

    Pomai, mahalo for the information. I can act akamai lil'dat wen no moa notin else to talk bout at parties...yeah right, i can't even walk.

    nah, about the call letters. Interesting and I always wanted to know what it stood for.
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      Re: The Companies We Keep: Hawaii Radio & TV

      The author of the book is Bob Sigall, a board member of Small Business Hawaii. He is also a marketing expert and teaches classes at Hawaii Pacific University. He spent several years researching this book with the help of his various class members and people in the community. This is a very good book. I highly recommend it.
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        Re: The Companies We Keep: Hawaii Radio & TV

        Originally posted by Pomai
        How much of the book's content is concrete fact may be arguable.
        well, of course, that is true of EVERY publication, ancient to modern.