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1960's/1970's Hawaiian Radio Music Surveys

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  • 1960's/1970's Hawaiian Radio Music Surveys

    I love looking at older local radio music surveys to find some forgotten favorite song that may have never charted anywhere else nationally (One Day Of Your Life - Alex Keenan or Puka Shells - Rod Young comes to mind) - they bring back pleasant memories when all types of music genres were popular here in the islands.

    It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has scans of older local music charts and would care to share them on his thread, to do so. Mahalo! (I'll try to find my small collection to add....)

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    Re: 1960's/1970's Hawaiian Radio Music Surveys

    While we don't have many surveys, a discussion started years ago on this board focused on long lost songs that used to play on Hawaii radio.

    There have been a few other threads on this board on this topic over the years.
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      Re: 1960's/1970's Hawaiian Radio Music Surveys

      I'm a new guy on here, and I'm just starting to read the radio threads (whatever I can find here), as that's what interests me the most. I've been a radio hound and "DXer" for more than half a century, and "back in the day" (1963 to 1966) I managed to hear SEVEN of the Honolulu AM stations from southeast Michigan. That kind of thing doesn't happen anymore.

      I finally managed to visit Hawai'i in 2008, literally I was there three years ago to the day, as part of my week there. Yes, right when the economy was crashing. It DID make it easier to do stuff, such as the Kauai helicopter tour where I was basically able to just walk on without a prior reservation. Now all I have to do is to get back. I surely want to!!

      My question, in first post, is this: Does anybody have any Hawai'i RADIO STATION SURVEYS DATED BEFORE 1960? I am ready to trade well for anything, or pay well for it (I offer best via ebay, where I'll suggest a minimum bid I'll meet). Years ago somebody did find me a survey from KPOA from 1958, so I don't need anything from KPOA. I collect one survey from each station from the earliest possible year, and I'm not afraid to offer generously for stuff. About 25 years ago somebody supposedly had a KULA survey for $250 and I was ready to buy it (so that gives you an idea) and I never heard from the guy again...I'm still looking for one.

      If I can remember where I put them, I know I have some early 60s KORL surveys, etc. that could be used to trade as well. Mahalo for any help of insights on this quest.