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KNAN-FM testing

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  • maximumradio
    Re: KNAN-FM testing

    It will be interesting to see if they actually rollout with a format. Stations are only able to be silent for up to one year. Stations silent in excess of one year forfeit their licenses by statute except in very unique circumstances and KNAN has been silent for some time. Most licensees don't wait for the full year but prefer to sign on for a week or two after perhaps 8 or 10 months..then they go silent again and know that they have a year ahead of them to be silent ... again.

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  • DXer
    started a topic KNAN-FM testing

    KNAN-FM testing

    Driving home from work late last night, noticed KNAN 106.7 was testing. The music they were playing was a good mix of 70's stuff. As of 1:00pm today, they were still on the air testing.