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"Lost" - Season 5: Episode & Storyline Discussion

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  • Seeking Penance
    Re: "Lost" - Season 5: Episode & Storyline Discussion

    is ginger in any of the episodes?

    *smiles innocently*

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  • mel
    started a topic "Lost" - Season 5: Episode & Storyline Discussion

    "Lost" - Season 5: Episode & Storyline Discussion

    This thread is being started to discuss "Lost Season 5".

    The series returns to ABC TV on Wednesday, January 21, 2009.

    Use this thread to discuss storylines and possible speculation for the upcoming episodes. Several promos for the new season are already rolling on ABC that may offer brief glimpses of what may be coming.

    We'll let discussion of the episodes take place shortly after they air. "Lost" fans have several opportunities to catch the show if they did not watch it at air time. Among the options:

    * Record to Your VCR
    * Record to your Tivo or other DVR device
    * Watch program stream on website*
    * Purchase episode from iTunes store

    * assuming ABC continues flash based streaming.

    As for episode spoilers, use the spoiler tag if you are posting the same day or before an episode airs in Hawaii.