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Time Warner Oceanic Cable Expanding PEG Channels

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  • Time Warner Oceanic Cable Expanding PEG Channels

    From today's Honolulu Advertiser:

    Time Warner will add 8 new channels

    Increase part of license renewal, will allow more public access programming

    Time Warner Entertainment Co. will more than double the number of public access channels it offers as part of the state's renewal of the company's non-exclusive cable franchise on O'ahu.

    The eight new local use channels include: a statewide digital channel for 'Ōlelo to be programmed on a first-come, first-serve basis; a statewide digital channel with a direct connection from Honolulu Hale; a statewide digital channel with a direct connection from the state Capitol; a statewide digital channel for the University of Hawai'i.....

    The order also requires Time Warner to convert most of its analog programming to digital, according to a news release from the state Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.
    I certainly don't want to be forced to move from my present analog cable to digital requiring the use of a set-top box!

    As part of the conversion from analog to digital, Time Warner will provide, at no charge, a digital set-top box or similar device to subscribers who do not have digital access, but who wish to view basic service tier programming that has been converted to digital
    What do they mean by "free"? Will we get to own the digital box forever without ever having to pay a monthly fee to use it? As things presently stand, most of us analog users just use our built in "cable ready" sets to get the standard channels 2 to 78. Plus my remote works fine with the TV I have.

    Will the box be free but we have to pay for the remote? Will we be billed for this thing later on when everyone gets it?

    The regular monthly fee for Oceanic Time Warner is too high as is for the standard 78 channels ($50 + taxes) we get out of which at least half of them are garbage programming.

    Plus more Olelo channels? Surely those people who produce the "P" (public) part of the PEG equation may be happy... but as things go it seems the government will get the bulk of the new channels.

    And what will we see? More Native Hawaiian anti-American propaganda and rants?

    I can only suspect our cable bills will increase with this franchise renewal.

    With digital one would think the cable company would offer us "ala carte" pricing these days where we only choose and pay for the channels we want and chuck all the rest.

    Click on the article title to read the entire thing.
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    Re: Time Warner Oceanic Cable Expanding PEG Channels

    Does this really mean we "have to" have a box? So absurd...
    Always check and double check