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ABC moving "The River" production

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  • ABC moving "The River" production

    Any thoughts about SA story today about ABC moving "The River" production from Puerto Rico?

    Comments following article mostly seem to doubt potential for story lines in a jungle since the last series "off the map" only ran a single season.

    OTOH If Lost could do all the weird stuff with one island then what could be "found" in the entire Amazon watershed?

    (Also wondered if the special "fauna"--in productions--is a concern getting loose?) Thanks

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    ABC TV: The River Shoots in Hawaii

    To be a mid-season replacement series in 2012. Moving to Hawaii. I guess ABC wants to keep using the Diamond Head studio they've had with "Lost" and the recently cancelled "Off the Map".

    ABC television series 'The River' will film in Hawaii (mobile link)

    "The River," an ABC television show described as an adventure-mystery set in the Amazon jungle, is relocating production to Hawaii, network representatives said.
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      Re: ABC moving "The River" production

      I'm thrilled, but not surprised, about the move. ABC likes shooting in Hawaii. The more industry work, the better. Yes, I'm biased!

      It's going to take some great writing for the series to take off, I think. And less gore than Off the Map! I didn't follow Lost at all but it seems ABC is trying to recapture that success. I hope they do. I like seeing my colleagues in steady (for our industry) jobs.

      Can't answer your fauna question except to mention that I assume there are rules in place that address non-indigenous "anything". There are probably fauna wranglers on the payroll!

      I wouldn't put too much stock in the comments at the end of the article. It's pretty obvious who's familiar with the industry and who isn't.


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        ABC-TV: The River

        "The River" set to premiere Tuesday, February 7.
        I'm still here. Are you?