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    Re: Linda Lingle Cable TV Channel

    Originally posted by helen View Post
    I suspect that is what the Lingle 2012 will do, just loop on the same program all the time. Don't know the length of that loop at this time.
    She could do that. But with a little imagination, there's room for a lot of variety on a cable channel dedicated 24 hours to her campaigning effort. Besides the typical half-hour biographical infomercial, Lingle could keep the programming fresh by uploading videos of recent speeches and events. She could also schedule "live" town halls where she takes questions from people phoning in.

    Of course, there's the even greater matter that Stephen Colbert was alluding to: Who would bother tuning in to such a channel in the first place? I don't anticipate that LL2012 will make too many people's "favorite channel" setting on their remote control. And I highly doubt that such a channel will show any alluring scenes (i.e. gratuitous sex and violence) that would catch the attention of casual channel surfers.
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