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Farewell, Sharie Shima

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  • Farewell, Sharie Shima

    Reports online of the passing of former newscaster Sharie Shima, the first credentialed meteorologist on the air in Hawaii.

    Her health had been the focus of speculation here previously (Where's Sharie Shima?, Is Sharie Shima okay?). Here's the farewell sign-off from K5, with some highlights and some tears:

    In 2010, she was featured in a video focused on faith in challenging times, telling the story of being laid off in 2009:

    "It was my birthday, Aug. 31, I was called upstairs to the general manager's office, and he said, 'You’re going to be laid off.' it’s scary, really scary, for me, from coming from television to nothing. I'm going to California, and I have no job, I don’t know where i’m going to live yet. If god doesn't speak to you, he doesn’t tell you, what do you do? it’s such a struggle not knowing what to do. It’s a flight of faith. You have to trust in the unknown, it’s a cliche sometimes in Christianity, but this is it, this is the time."
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    Re: Farewell, Sharie Shima

    RIP: Sharie Shima