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  • "Inhumans" on ABC

    The TV series Inhumans will air on ABC starting on September 29, 2017.

    This series is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and was filmed on Oahu.

    The first two episodes had been released as an Imax presentation in early September. My usual movie going friend and I saw it during the Labor Day weekend.

    If you never read the comic series, it is mostly about a group of people known as the Inhumans who a long time ago this race of people were transformed to be superhuman soldiers by the alien Kree to fight in their wars. However the transformation is not consistent, for instance their king Black Bolt's power is his voice that will make sonic destructive waves, his wife Medusa power is her long red hair which can be used as additional limbs and is strong enough to grab a person and fling them across the room. Medusa's sister Crystal has the power to control the four elemental forces. One cousin of theirs can live in the water, while another cousin has hoofs for feet and can make minor earthquakes.

    Some of the Inhuman comic stories and of this series deals with Black Bolt's brother named Maximus who usurps the throne and declares himself king of the Inhumans and wants to wage war with the humans for control of the planet Earth.