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KGMB's Jade Moon replaced?

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    Re: KGMB's Jade Moon replaced?

    Jade's upcoming leave of absence is covered in this thread on Jade Moon's Leave of absence. They're not giving her the boot, she's taking leave for family medical reasons.


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      Burling’s Game?

      Originally posted by buzz1941 View Post
      Props to the first person to reveal Jade Moon’s real name...
      Well, Burl, I’m pretty sure many on this board know it (including me) but decided to have enough class to let her “reveal” it herself. I’ve waited 10 years and no one has bit, so I will start off by saying:

      1. When you say “real” name, you mean what was it before she legally changed it to Jade Moon.

      2. This is well before she got married, and hyphenated her last name. I figure you have to end this thread sometime, and obviously, Mel stopped moderating this section years ago. In any case, I am curious to see if anyone still lurks in here. Hahaha.

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        Re: Burling’s Game?

        I still check this board daily. There isn't much to moderate lately. Most people have gone to Facebook and other online venues.
        I'm still here. Are you?