LOST update

From an item at this link regarding the new season of LOST:

"ABC announced that the new season of "Lost" would debut Oct. 4. Good news, right? Well, sort of. After the first six episodes, fans will have to wait three months to see the remainder of the season. At ABC's portion of the summer press tour, network president Stephen McPherson blamed the show's intense production schedule for the delay. "If we could run 22 [episodes] straight in the fall we would. But we just can't get the shows done in that amount of time." In its place, to combat sagging ratings for the show's frequent reruns, the network will run a new Taye Diggs thriller called "Day Break" beginning Nov. 15. The show, a cross between "Memento" and "Groundhog Day," will run for 13 consecutive weeks before relinquishing the 9 p.m. Wednesday timeslot back to "Lost" in February."