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  • Returning to the Big Island


    I used to live on the Big Island (for 2 years) and I will be returning before the end of this year. I'll be working in Waimea, so ideally that would be where I'd like to live, although I rather like Waikoloa too. Honoka`a is another possibility, although I don't know if they have any long term rentals there. After visiting the West Hawaii Today classifieds online, I am stunned at the huge increase in rental costs from 5 years ago. Although I have former co-workers helping me on this, I thought I would come here too to see if anyone might have an inside scoop on a decent, quiet (a must!) long term rental.

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    Re: Returning to the Big Island

    I don't know of any but I can ask some friends of mine if they've got any info on this then I'll get back to you.
    Yes, unfortunately the rates have just sky-rocketed. It's one of those terrible reasons why some people are just forced to leave Hawaii- just can't afford the rent.


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      Re: Returning to the Big Island

      Try asking on the forums here
      Check out my blog on Kona issues :
      The Kona Blog


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        Re: Returning to the Big Island


        If you want peice and queit, then maybe you should look into finding a place near Hawi. My cousin finally got takers for his mom's place there. It took him a year but a couple looked at the place and fell in love with the tranquility.
        He says nobody ever think of renting from that area because it's so far from the bigger towns like Hilo and Kona but if you plan on working in Waimea, well maybe Hawi is a good place to be based out of.

        Just a thought.


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          Re: Returning to the Big Island

          Pelix: Thanks for the offer! *S* I took a look at my old rental agreements from 5 years ago...I rented a one bedroom at Waimea Town Plaza for $550 in 1999! I wonder what they charge now? Not that I'm all that keen on looking into that place since it was infested with termites when I lived there. I hate termites.

          Aaron S: Thanks! I will try it out. *S*

          aleno: That is one thing I have been considering. Right in (Hawi) town takes about 30 to 40 minutes to get to Waimea, I know. (Shorter I guess, if you drive faster! But I would rather take things slow. ) The reason for quiet is that I'll be working the night shift, so I need a place that's quiet during the day. The only problem with Hawi and Kapa`au is that I haven't seen any (reasonable long term) rentals listed there. that you mention it, I do know someone in Hawi...I should ask her to look into things for me...spread the word.

          Thanks all, for your responses! *S*