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Cost of living: Moanalua and Manoa area, Wailuku (Maui)

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  • Cost of living: Moanalua and Manoa area, Wailuku (Maui)

    I've applied for a job at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Moanalua. Can anyone tell me about the neighborhoods in that area? I would like to live close to work (or near UH Manoa), within easy biking distance or public transportation if possible.

    How much can I expect to pay for rent in that area? I'm not a doctor, so I'm hoping to pay less than $1000/mo (Don't need a large place.)

    Any good websites for finding apartments?

    Any good tips for keeping down the cost of living in Honolulu (aside from "don't go there")?

    What about safety issues? How do I locate and avoid "dangerous" neighborhoods? (In my experience, the immediate area around a hospital tends to be run-down, although looking at Google Maps, KP seems to be surrounded by a golf course.)

    Same questions for Wailuku, Maui, near the Maui Memorial Medical Center.


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    Re: Cost of living: Moanalua and Manoa area, Wailuku (Maui)

    some neighborhoods that come to mind around kaiser moanalua include: moanalua, salt lake and stadium. our bus system has been rated one of the bests in the nation, or so i'm told. you can get to the hospital via the bus from any one of these neighborhoods.

    you might want to refer to craigslist and/or the honolulu advertiser or honolulu starbulletin for current places to rent and the current rates.

    to keep the costs of living down, you made a good suggestion of taking public transportation to and from work.
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