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Moving to Oahu: Economic worries?

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  • Moving to Oahu: Economic worries?

    Hello everyone, I've been a daily reader of the forums for some time now, but have yet to ask a question. Well here it comes. Does anyone see or feel the economic crunch on Oahu, especially those who have arrived recently. Did you have problems getting a job if you already didn't have on lined up? My fiancee is a retail clothing manager of a PacSun here in Florida and can possibly be transfered. Me on the other hand have been a cook for seven years, and I have owned my own auto detailing business for three years. I have had long work history with my employers, which screwed me out of alot of experience, and I want a change anyway. We are moving right after Christmas before New Years, we have been planning this for 2 years out of our 5 1/2 toghether. We have lots of money saved, (We wont end up homeless) but are still worried about service industry type jobs drying up, and the cost of living for eveyone. We live small and within our means. I guess there will always be some kind of job, right? She is from Hawaii and can't wait to be back, and I've only visited a few times but can't wait to be there with her. Mahalo for the help.
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    Re: Moving to Oahu: Economic worries?

    Welcome to HT!

    For service industry jobs, the turn over is high. I was the A.M. Chef at Arancino Di Mare at the Marriott Waikiki and know FIRST HAND, good help is hard to find...let alone retain. Be sure to check the local craigslist for listings, they are numerous.

    that being said, don't expect an above average Hourly rate. Things we tight all over when I left...hell, things are getting tough all over...

    Cost of living is all relative. Depending on where you are in FL, you know the closer to the city, the more the $$$. Hawai'i has a decent public transportation system(the bus)so living out in "the sticks" doesn't mean you are cut off from the rest of the island.

    having money saved up prior IS paramount, but it will go fast. Once again, craigslist was the BEST resource we had for lodging. If you are going to hold up in a hotel prior to more permenant arrangements, be prepared to pay.

    It isn't much, but I am sure others will chime in with info, there are a LOT of very knowledgeable and informative people in the HT Ohana.

    Best of luck in your new adventure!

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      Re: Moving to Oahu: Economic worries?

      Aloha, PH83!

      My husband has been transferred there for work and just moved last week. I'll be out in three weeks, so I'll let you know my impressions when I get there. I'm also going to be looking for a job. I'm really hoping for more of an office-type job, but who knows.

      As for looking for lodging on Craigslist- I will say there are a lot of places listed, but if you see something that fits your needs, jump on it or it'll be gone.

      Good luck!

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        Re: Moving to Oahu: Economic worries?

        We have the same problem here. Finding good help let alone retaining it. I am one of the hardest workers, very reliable also. I reallly don't want to cook or detail anymore. But I will do what it takes to survive. I hope someone will give me the chance to prove myself. People where I'm from are lucky to have a job right now. Let alone 2 like myself. Besides craigslist, and there has to be more jobs? With the population I would imagine so. Or is it very limited there too.
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          Re: Moving to Oahu: Economic worries?

          I just found this. Since Hawaiis economy is based on tourism is everyone feeling the crunch? Or is work still available? I read it might not recover until 2010. Where I live is the same way. Floridas Emerald coast. Floridas finest beaches, and luckiest fishing village. Tourism is down and everyone is feeling it.
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