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  • Heartworm pills, etc.

    I have questions for those who "immigrated" with dogs from the mainland. Did you then or do you now use heartworm pills for your dogs? Are they pretty much required for island living? How often are they used, once a month? Are there any adverse effects we should be aware of? Is the dosage in quarantine somehow different from normal?

    Thanks for any replies!

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    Re: Heartworm pills, etc.

    We have always used Sentinel. Our dog(s) have never had adverse effects.
    This is a year round thing for them given on the first day of the month with a full meal, they don't even notice it's in the bowl. We must keep them safe from that nasty heartworm which is caused by mosquito bites for them.
    It's not cheap! But worth it. There are other brands but Sentinel covers
    other parasites as well. It's like 70.00 or so for 6 pills.

    I went and found this site maybe this will help as well.
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      Re: Heartworm pills, etc.

      we use HEARTGARD chewables once a month. the dogs love them and think they're treats. while not required, it's pretty much a standard for overall health. i'm not sure of any adverse affects, but try checking the labels or go to the specific website.
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        Re: Heartworm pills, etc.

        We use it too. On all 3 dogs. About every 2 months or so.
        Energy answers are already here.