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  • Poh Kea Point

    Is anyone familiar with this area on Oahu's windard side we are looking at a condo there and would appreciate any info as we are set to arrive on the 21st.
    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Poh Kea Point

    My in-laws owned a unit there on Konane Drive for a few years. Ostensibly
    they were going to use it when they visited but when we got our house they
    stayed with us and rented it out......get this, they rented it out to someone
    who we imagined a friend who turned out not to be but it was only $500/month! It was a 2 bedroom with a lovely view. Their board was very
    picky about stuff hanging on the lanai (wind chimes) but not about loud screeching parrots as pets. It was a nice place that allowed animals and
    was convenient to the Safeway, mall and other useful destinations. They
    sold it a couple years ago to get this - Andy "the Bachelor" from TV!!!!!


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      Re: Poh Kea Point

      Thank you very much Leashlaws and well 500/month I dont even know what to say except Im jealous, we do have 2 dogs and they (being the landlord) seem reasonable, worst case we dont like we move..........