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  • Young Professional Moving to Honolulu


    I am 24 years old and have the opportunity of a lifetime to move to Honolulu. I will be making in the mid 40K and bringing my car and pug dog along with me. However, my biggest fears are the expensive cost of living and of course being lonely! My best friend lives there with her husband, but here in Houston I am very involved with many young professional groups and used to being around alot of different types of people. I am very outgoing and down to earth! Does anyone know if Honolulu has a network of people in the 20's? I have done alot of research and think I can make it on my salary, but want to make sure that the opportunity is there to meet other young singles and have a fulfilled life as well. I must mention that I do love everything outdoors, and am into fitness, etc. so the entertainment value for me will go up significantly compared to boring Houston. ha! I also have an awesome church I am involved in here in Houston that does alot of community outreach. Any suggestions on that would be great as well!

    Mahalo for any advice you can offer and Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Re: Young Professional Moving to Honolulu

    aloha swtmimi and welcome to the HT ohana

    i am sure there are groups of the likes in honolulu with networking and such.

    i myself don't know of any aside from HT. although the wealth of networks and the likes you may also find on HT. there are wealth of intellects and those with great mind sets on HT with wealth of information. i hope you find what you are looking for

    happy thanksgiving to you
    stay forever young


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      Re: Young Professional Moving to Honolulu

      Suggest getting a subscription to "Pacific Business News". It will clue you into what goes on in the business community here. Also, it can help out with networking as it lists a lot of groups & organizations here that you might want to check out before your move.

      Please do keep in mind that we ARE pretty advanced here - at least as much as Houston. We just aren't so formal about it.

      Good luck to you!
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        Re: Young Professional Moving to Honolulu

        I would suggest Social Wahines and Global Pau Hana as two jumping off points for social/business networking. There's also Chicks w/Checks, as well as Honolulu Green Drinks.

        I either belong to/have experience with all of those groups. They all have their own different vibes and it's a great way to meet tons of people.


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          Re: Young Professional Moving to Honolulu

          Thank you so much for all your help! These all look great!


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            Re: Young Professional Moving to Honolulu

            I find that just having a dog(s) paves the way to meet
            others. You could try going to the dog parks here if
            your dog is so inclined socially or see if there is a pug
            club. If you are into cuisine you might check out the
            local chapter of SlowFood they have some great events and there are many interesting people that belong and attend.