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Medical Jobs In Hawaii - Especially Hilo

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  • Medical Jobs In Hawaii - Especially Hilo

    I am 53 years old and currently employed as a Registered Respiratory Therapist in Colorado (if you don't know what we do just ask)! I have always dreamed of living on the Big Island and visited there last month to confirm my commitment to this dream. There seems to be a need for qualified medical personnel there and I am looking for a career counselor who can help me with my resume and career goals.

    I am interested in talking to a career counselor or anyone else who is familiar with the uniqueness of Hawaii. I love my current position as an RRT but am also considering other related fields such as nursing, ultrasound tech, paramedic, etc. I would do just about anything to relocate and I also understand that this may be a lengthy process.

    I DO have a few applications pending with some of the hospitals on the Big Island and other Hawaii locations as well but want to do everything I can to maximize my chances. Any advice will be much appreciated!


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    Re: Medical Jobs In Hawaii - Especially Hilo

    Have you looked into coming to Hawaii in a travel RT position? I came to Hawaii 3 years ago as a travel nurse for a 13 week assignment. I liked my job and Hawaii so much that I never left and eventually was hired in a permanent position as the hospital I was working at.

    If you come here in a travel positon you can try out Hawaii see if you really want to live here without making a permanent commitment. Plus you get your travel to Hawaii and your housing paid for while you are in a travel positon.

    I don't know what the job market for RTs is like here but they always need nurses.


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      Re: Medical Jobs In Hawaii - Especially Hilo

      Gfoxx, Thanks for your reply! I am doing just that. I suspect the demand for RTs is not as great as it is for nurses but there DO seem to be some positions. Do you have any favorite travel companies? I would consider returning to school to become a nurse despite my 'advanced' age. Isn't 53 the new 39?


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        Re: Medical Jobs In Hawaii - Especially Hilo

        I came to Hawaii with a travel company called Worldwide Travel Staffing but I wouldn't recommend them. They were suppose to provide me with medical insurance but when I had to receive emergency medical care I found out that the company never paid for my health my insurance and I was stuck with a large medical bill. There are dishonest travel companies out there like Worldwide so you have to be careful when considering working for a company.

        Travel nurses at the hospital I work at who seem to be really happy with their travel companies work for Altres, On Assigment, and Onward Healthcare. I recently saw an advertisement for a travel RT position in Honolulu that was through Providence Staffing. I almost took a travel position with Providence and they seem to be a good company.

        I don't know how it is for travel RTs in Hawaii but the pay for travel RNs here is typically low (in the $20-$29 an hour range), much lower than the pay for RNs who are on staff at the hospitals here. The travel companies can get away with the low pay because many travel nurses want to come here so badly they will accept a low wage. There are decent paying travel positions ($30 an hour and up) out there but you have to search them out and it may take some time to find them.

        I see alot of people your age and older going back to school and going into nursing. With the way the economy is now I think it is one of the best professions someone can be in.


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          Re: Medical Jobs In Hawaii - Especially Hilo

          Hi Angel of Breath

          Like everything now a days it is who you know. I have found the job hunt went much faster when I called and spoke directly to the hiring manager or someone in the department you want to work in. Hawaii is such a special place they are more interested in who you are, than your specialty. Although in the medical field it is a given you need the licenses and stuff. You will be surprised how fast an application or job search can be when you call and talk to the people at the facility you want to work for. They "for the most part" are so willing and ready to share and talk story. When you call ask them who they use for their staffing so you can go directly to the correct agency for the place you want to work. But travel work is great too. Alot of people move to the island without staying there for long lengths of time and sadly they can not handle the isolation. Travel work is great! I am a CNA, Medical Assistant and a RN student-almost done! And I am 43 and going strong.

          Good luck and have a great day
          Today is the first day of the rest of my life.


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            Re: Medical Jobs In Hawaii - Especially Hilo

            Mahalo to all who have replied. If I haven't sent a personal thank you please know how grateful I am to all of you!

            I traveled to the Big Island last month, partly to convince myself that it's a nice place to visit but that I could never LIVE there. Guess I was wrong I am pursuing several leads and I know in my "pu'uwai" that my dream of living in Hawaii will come true.