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Worst Traffic Survey Results

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  • Worst Traffic Survey Results

    From Yahoo News. Amazing!

    These cities had the worst traffic in 2011, according to Inrix, which lists the average hours wasted per driver per year after each city:

    10) Chicago – 32.8 hours
    9) Boston - 35 hours
    8) Austin – 30 hours
    7) Seattle – 33 hours
    6) Washington, D.C. – 45 hours
    5) Bridgeport, CT – 42 hours
    4) New York – 57 hours
    3) San Francisco – 48 hours
    2) Los Angeles – 56 hours
    1) Honolulu – 58 hours

    The study also finds that, nationally, the worst morning commute occurs on Tuesday, while the worst evening commute is on Friday.

    Does this surprise anyone? Your reaction?

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    Re: Worst Traffic Survey Results

    Not surprized.

    More lanes... not trains!
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      Re: Worst Traffic Survey Results

      Not credible! I believe every hour spent driving is an hour wasted. Uh, what I mean to say is - a life is wasted by every hour spent driving. No, still not quite right, how about - one should be wasted every hour spent driving. Anyhoos, I'm sure you catch my drift, eh?

      Really, Inrix is playing fiddlestix here.
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        Re: Worst Traffic Survey Results

        How many hours are wasted reading surveys like this?


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          Re: Worst Traffic Survey Results

          Commute traffic sux. It's too much like communist traffic! Everyone in line now!

          Steel on steel rail is Mufi's sell-out. (My way or back to the highway!)
          We need to explore alternatives, ASAP! Light rail or maglev. (DO NOT vote Mufi! He is a playground bully!)

          Living in Aiea or further, or living in Hawaii Kai is suicidal if you work downtown. Maybe a 3rd city? Makapu`u towers? Live/work in Kapolei? It's hard enough to get a job, much less choose where you work.

          Last time I was able to work I worked in Town for a bit (and took a bus), then ADAD moved to Kapolei and I rode my bike down Kahekili to H-3, then against traffic to Kapolei. Each a joy of commuting.

          Aiea/Pearl City/Wahiawa is so overdeveloped (as are other areas between there and the city) to prevent traffic flow. What to do?

          Rather than spend untold billions on rail, make more industrial/commercial areas between Hawaii Kai and Waianae. Give people opportunities. It's a small island.
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            Re: Worst Traffic Survey Results

            I have always been wary of polls, especially since the media fails to follow one of the principal rules of publishing such results: who paid for the poll?

            It's also quite easy to skew the results one way or another, depending on the agenda of the organization paying for the poll.

            What a coincidence that this poll comes out just when the pro rail people are making their last, desperate push to convince us we need rail.

            What a remarkable coincidence!


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              Re: Worst Traffic Survey Results

              Honolulu traffic again the second-worst in U.S.
              Los Angeles drivers wasted an average of 64 hours in traffic in 2013, an 8.5 percent increase from the previous year, while Honolulu residents wasted 60 hours in traffic during the year, an 18 percent increase over 2012. Honolulu had topped Los Angeles on the 2012 list as having the worst traffic in the U.S. in 2011.


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                Re: Worst Traffic Survey Results

                I can lock all my doors
                It's the only way to live
                In cars


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                  Re: Worst Traffic Survey Results


                  Is it way worst than worst?


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                    Re: Worst Traffic Survey Results

                    The least I should say is that while I have experienced the jammed up traffic myself on Oahu's freeways, I was always let-in to change lanes when having to get to correct lane to get to destination.


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                      Re: Worst Traffic Survey Results


                      No, that can't be.