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Possible move to Moloka'i

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  • Possible move to Moloka'i

    Hello Everybody

    Looking for everybody's opinion. I'm a Registered Nurse talking to the local hospital at Moloka'i General Hospital. I'm just hoping to hear some thoughts and answers to curious questions for a possible newbie to the molokai island.

    First, a little about me. I'm not really new to the islands but I have yet to visit Molokai. I actually lived in Samoa for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer (Western Samoa, not American Samoa - they have their own currency in Western Samoa and English is not the primary language). I enjoy working with communities and I will enjoy the opportunity to work in Molokai.

    So I just had a couple of questions:

    How's the community? Do you think they be open to a male nurse?
    Do you think I should ship my car or can I bike everywhere?
    Will it be easy to find a place to live?
    How's the internet and cell phone coverage? Do a lot of people have cell phones?

    And I just have to ask, not necessarily on the top of my list but how is the dating population?

    But yea, any opinions would be helpful.

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    Re: Possible move to Moloka'i

    Hey Joey, I can't give you current information about Molokai since it has been 46 years since I was there. Uaifi and I were Peace Corps Volunteer trainees at Ho'olehua on the West End of Molokai from July to October, 1967. We were a combined Tonga 1 and Samoa 1 training group (about 150 total before the de-selection process) in Public Health. We learned later that the training camp was a former Japanese internment camp during WWII. It is my understanding that the camp was leveled years ago. We used to hitchhike about 15 or 20 miles into Kaunakakai to watch movies at the outdoor theater and eat saimin soup at Fosters Freeze on the weekends. Our favorite movie was Elvis in Blue Hawai'i. Many of our language instructors were in the movie and we would hoot and holler with them when they appeared on screen. I think I even have a picture of me with the Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai. We also hiked down the cliff to the Kalaupapa Leper Colony and then hike back up the cliff (I couldn't do that today). Living on Molokai in the old days, even for a short time, was a priceless experience for us. I think that Molokai is one of the few places that comes closer to the old Hawai'i.

    I know that there are several Tonga RPCV's who live in the Hilo area. Wherever you settle, you will find plenty of suport from fellow RPCV's as well as those on HT.
    Peace, Love, and Local Grindz

    People who form FIRM opinions with so little knowledge only pretend to be open-minded. They select their facts like food from a buffet. David R. Dow


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      Re: Possible move to Moloka'i

      Wow, 150 PCVs going to the South Pacific? Completely different from what it is now. Samoa gets around 20 new volunteers each year. I can't imagine how Samoa looked like all those years ago.


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        Re: Possible move to Moloka'i

        Any update on your plans? I would love to hear more...