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    A most respectful aloha to all!

    My boyfriend will be taking a 2-year position at one of the observatories on Mauna Kea in June. Since we're hoping to live together, I was wondering if it's possible to find employment with a nonprofit in the area around Waimea/Kamuela on the Big Island.

    I'm very interested in science research and education (a great example is the Kohala Center, which does very important work connecting scientists and students). I was wondering if there are organizations that you may be familiar with, or would recommend getting in touch with. Perhaps a listing/directory for me to reference?

    Another thing: I understand that jobs are hard to come by in Hawaii, and I wouldn't want to set myself up as a malihini who takes someone else's job. Any advice on the most appropriate way to plug into social action on the Big Island?

    Any help would be deeply appreciated!


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    Re: Non-profit science jobs

    The population of the big island is only around 150K. Apart from UH, The various observatories and the Natural Energy Lab, there aren't that many science related jobs here.

    If you are committed about moving here and don't want to be a "malihini" think of creating a job that doesn't exist.

    Not knowing your background it's hard to advise. The most employable people are laborers and construction workers


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