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    I've reconsidered my plans after a prior post under "My situation" and an attempt to scour the posts of brave relocators who have come before me and their advisors (in Arkansas, that would be y'all.) I (well, my wife and I) have decided to be more logical about the big move - or not so big move depending on perceptions. We have decided to head over for a "temporary" 6 month stay on O'ahu. The plan is to get to know the islands better, check out the employment and housing markets on both O'ahu and the Big Island. And figure out if we're going to be okay in the middle of the ocean. I'm not worried so much about the lifestyle, but I am worried about being so far away from the Mainland. Or maybe just the cost of getting back to the mainland. Of course, all of our friends and family would much rather visit us in paradise than have us visit them in well, Missouri. Boring! Any one with good advice on our plan, I would appreciate your feedback. i.e. things to prepare for, places to live/not live, lines of work to pursue (I am currently a mortgage broker with a strong B2B sales background as well as extensive restuarant experience and a love for the kitchen) and my wife is an office manager with a strong sales background as well.

    Maholo and hope to be living in paradise soon!