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  • Moving stories....

    Well its me again! I got several replies to emailed resumes, but guess what? "We are VERY interested in you, and your resume looks great, but we dont hire outside the island. Keep us posted, and when you arrive call me for a interview." Sound familiar? Eh?

    If you have moved to Oahu recently, post me your "horror" stories. Would love to read them! Wife has 10 months in army left, and we still have $55k in the bank! (We live in NEW YORK). Still looking to move if the army will not retrain my wife and move us there at THEIR EXPENSE (move at our OWN expense if they will not.)

    If I dont return to college next year, there will be no free college for me (time is running out on my va benefits...I want to return to wayland baptist on the island!) See


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    Re: Moving stories....

    Your story is interesting. I returned to Oahu last Nov. after a military tour my dad led way back in 79-81. It was sooo utterly awesome to see the same housing we lived in then and so forth as well as the rest of the island.
    I dont know if different branches have different set ups but i would assume their need for your and your wives' particular skill would be what would give you the free ride or not. I went back to the church we attended back then and found a woman working in the nursery who had been there and back with her hubby 3 or more times so it can happen.
    This is how i am gonna do it tho, lol.......1) Win lottery or other major money maker 2) Fly over and pay cash for a sweet little home overlooking any part of the island i so desire 3) Come back and pack the basics and then go *home*. Just like now, when i want or need something, thats how my employment will be determined, lol.
    Hey, one can dream cant she???
    If anyone on Oahu is NOT happy , feel free to trade places with me.


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      Re: Moving stories....

      i returned to honolulu after spending 5 years touring with band on the mainland...i had been making $25-hour editing medical manuscripts at kaiser in oakland, ca for a temp agency in the months before my return...when i got back here in 4/00, all i could find at the same temp agency was shuffling papers for $6.50/ was the most demoralizing month of my life...all i had was my guitar and my back-pack... while i apartment sitting for a friend who was vacationing in canada, a 14-year-old neighbor in her bldg set the place on fire...even hfd thought i had left a cigarette burning, until they were called back the same night...the kid later confessed to setting the fire nd i was exonerated...

      if i could get through that, i'm certain islandguy can make a run at a decent life here...
      Don't be mean,
      try to help.