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Good HI job search websites?

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  • Good HI job search websites?

    I apologize if this subject has already been covered (I did brief search but didn't see this topic).

    What websites do you recommend for job searches in Hawaii, particularly for somebody who has a a backround in medical sales and recruiting but iwho is open to new ideas too? A friend's relative emailed me seeking advice, as she will be moving here soon.

    I plan to suggest Craig's list to her, but any other sites you can recommend which are particularly helpful for Hawaii jobs?


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    Re: Good HI job search websites?

    Going to specific company websites is also helpful. Kaiser Permanente is a big employer in Hawaii. She might also try looking for opportunities at the privately held biotech companies like Hoku and Hawaii Biotech and Hoana Medical. The State is actively encouraging biotech as an industry that might help replace tourist revenues during down times.

    Good luck.

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      Re: Good HI job search websites?

      Ditto on going first to the kinds of companies you might be interested in working on. Nearly all large firms maintain their own jobs pages, and their positions will usually go there before they hit the papers and other "aggregate" sites like

      Kaiser has this page on pursuing job opportunities in Hawaii. Here's HMSA's Careers page. Career Opportunities at Straub. Queen's Medical Center. St. Francis. Happy hunting!


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        Re: Good HI job search websites?

        If you go to the job listings at you will find that the classifieds that run Sunday are actually on line Friday evening. Now this might not be that much of a jump on one's job-seeking competitors, but it does help if you need a couple of days getting your resume, cover letter, references and other requirements in order for first thing Monday morning. Also, if what you find is a listing with a company with a Website, there's usually a link: there ya go! do your research!

        Best wishes to your friend.
        Aloha from Lavagal