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Any Advice For Relocation?

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  • Any Advice For Relocation?

    Aloha All!

    Well, we're down to 78 days till the big move - been doing lots of reading and research. For those of you who have left the bigger rock for the better rocks (or know people who have shared their experiences,) what advice can you offer? (things to line up before coming, things to set up immediately upon arrival, etc.) Any must brings from the mainland? (we'll be storing everything except clothes and maybe cds/cpu)

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    Re: Any Advice For Relocation?

    Fantastic! I remember my count down to come to the islands many years ago. Here's my .02:

    1. Bring an open mind.
    2. Hawaiian Time is a bit more laid back than Mainland time, way more than the East Coast.
    3. If you plan to visit Haleakala on Maui or the volcanoes on the Big Island, you will need a jacket, lined even, and maybe even some gloves!
    4. People do not walk around or ride mopeds in bathing suits, bikinis or board shorts without T-shirts unless they are from the Heartland and have a tell-tale sunburn.
    5. If you say you like something, or compliment someone, be prepared to be offered the very thing you like. It's just the way, kamaaina (local folks) just pass things on. So if you like something say it's nice and that's it. No fuss-fuss. Makes kamaaina all uncomfortable.
    6. Never be afraid to ask for help or directions. People love to assist.
    7. Don't wear cutoff levis to swim at the beach. At least go to Costco or Wal-Mart and get some board shorts.
    8. No open alcohol containers on our beaches. Change the kids' diapers and be sure to drop them in the trash can. don't smoke upwind of other folks.
    9. Driving is an experience in and of itself. There are youngsters who still live at home with the hottest little cars around and drive like buttholes. There are old folks who zip all the way to the fast lane and then just sit there. Some drivers sit at an intersection and turn on their left turn signal only when the light turns green. Just don't be surprised by it all. Take a passive approach to driving. Take five minutes longer and live one more day.
    10. Don't dive into the ocean from China Wall's, Waiamea Bay, Pokai Bay or in Waikiki without being absolutely sure what you're diving into: the deep or the reef.
    11. Eat the food. Let the laulau, kalua pig, pho, Zip Paks, and loco mocos tickle your taste buds. Expect to see rice EVERYWHERE.
    12. Learn to surf in Waikiki with Tammy & Tony Moniz, the sweetest couple in Hawaii and their seven, yep count'em SEVEN kids:
    Aloha from Lavagal


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      Re: Any Advice For Relocation?

      A Huge Mahalo Lavagal!

      I appreciate your advice - I've been looking forward to how laid back Hawaii is (I fell in love with the slower life style in Mexico several years ago and discovered it in America - couldn't ask for more) and a much more relaxed out look on life - cause it will still be here tomorrow. So, do I really have to leave my Bon Jovi jean shorts here in St Louis? Just kidding - the only denim I own is full length blue jeans. That's very interesting about the compliments and such - very good advice. As a man, I refuse to ask for directions. I have a wife for that! Okay, that's a bit of a fib, I'm okay with asking for directions - it's the makai and makua and use of landmarks (Diamond Head) that will take some getting used to - I'm up for it. I have had the pleasure of driving on O'ahu - believe me, I'd rather sit in friendly traffic than deal with everyone's a nut rush hour traffic. As an avid cliff diver, I'll be sure to check what's below. Oh wait, I'm not a cliff diver. Unless diving off three cliffs (one at 30 feet and one about 45) makes me a cliff diver. A very inexperienced one! I'm very excited about the food - I've never been much of a rice eater, so hopefully my body doesn't store all those carbs. I just might have to visit the Moniz family to learn to surf - I used to be a skate punk (almost 20 years ago) so hopefully it will give me a leg up. Now we just have to find a neighborhood, an apartment and some work to pay the bills. Again, I appreciate your .02 - it's worth a lot more than that to me.
      Mahalo & Aloha!


      By the way, does my name have a Hawaiian equivalent? (I know the S&T aren't part of the Hawaiian alphabet. . . .am I ephen? or would that just be even?


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        Re: Any Advice For Relocation?


        check it out.

        By the way the direction is mauka not makua, which means parent.
        Aloha from Lavagal


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          Re: Any Advice For Relocation?

          See - I'm already having problems with the directions!

          Mahalo again!


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            Re: Any Advice For Relocation?

            assuming that you're moving to O'ahu, i'd suggest that you've picked an opportune time to relocate here, as the City of Honolulu is celebrating its 100th anniversary (Honolulu was incorporated in 1905 or 06, i think), and the upcoming year is packed with cultural events all over the island...once you get here, take in whatever you can...i can't think of a better way to familiarize yourself with and become a part of the community out here...heck, do it just for the food...
            Don't be mean,
            try to help.


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              Re: Any Advice For Relocation?

              That's awesome Jdub - thanks for the info. We are headed to O'ahu - got to give ourselves the best chances for jobs - and at least for now, I still need a big city close to me. I can hardly wait to get back to O'ahu and meet new people, learn more about Hawaii and it's wonderful people, culture, music, food, everything. I might even pick up a ukelele (I play guitar) and learn, oh wait, I'm definitely going to learn Island Style!